Mission & Objectives

The HVCA’s mission is  the promotion and development of the Venture Capital  & Private Equity activities in Greece, the examination of issues of common interest concerning its members as well as the protection of their business interests.

In doing so the Association:

• Institutionally represents its members in the Greek, foreign and overseas authorities but also in the Greek foreign and overseas organizations
• Informs its members on issues related to their business activities
• Develops a network of cooperation and communication between its members as well as with similar foreign associations particularly with the European Venture Capital Association.
• Participates in the preliminary works related to the improvement of the legal and governmental framework, the compilation of new laws related directly or indirectly to its members’ activities, examines the consequences of the applications of these laws and interprets laws, schemes and regulations that govern the function of its members.
• Assures the general and appropriate image of the venture capital institution while at the same time, it contributes in the development of entrepreneurship by distributing information through seminars and other relevant events which are open to the public.
• Studies and suggests measures for the improvement of performance and the education of its staff and members.
• Suggests committees that address the solution of issues of common interest for its members. Such committees include the committee for legal and tax issues and the committee for economic and statistic issues.